Wusthof Grand Prix II 7-inch Flexible Fillet Knife Review

The constantly changing demands and needs of the users in the kitchen has encouraged manufacturers of different kitchen utensils to get their hands on useful and specific products for specific needs. The fillet knife by the way is a great reserve that most individuals have been embracing for filleting needs – they are specially intended to help people in filleting fish.

Wusthof Grand Prix II Fillet knife reviewAnd since there are several knives by different manufacturers to choose from, most users and potential buyers are often needed to evaluate their needs and get something that will completely meet all their requirements. In that vein, I introduce you the Wusthof Grand Prix II 7-inch Flexible Fillet Knife.

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Features at glance

  • 7-inch narrow blade
  • Forged, not stamped
  • Full tang construction
  • Ergonomic synthetic handle
  • Sheath included

I know most individuals may confuse the Wusthof Grand Prix II 7-inch Flexible Fillet Knife with the Wusthof Classic 7 inch Fish Fillet Knife and sheath because of their designs which look almost similar and most importantly their names. However, the major difference between these two knives is the handle – the Grand Prix II’s handle fully encapsulates the knife’s full tang and it is much smoother. However, each of these knives from Wusthof have a prominent bolster (a sign of quality) to protect the user’s fingers while cutting.

Why you need the Wusthof Grand Prix II 7-inch – Pros

There are several aspects to care about when buying the best fillet knife: Material used, design & handling, flexibility, Grip, Blade size, size of the knife and fishes or fillet.

First, the Wusthof Grand Prix II 7-inch Flexible Fillet Knife is a forged knife banked on the fact that the BUCK is a stamped product and forged knife has a heft and balance that adds to control feeling giving its intended purpose. To ensure this Wusthof Grand Prix II knife features a high carbon stainless steel blade along with bolster and a full tang to add balance and weight.

It is fortified with a computerized cutting edge that gives the knife a brilliant feature given that the final edge of the blade is uniform and precise from the knife’s heel tip.

Wusthof Grand Prix II Fillet knife SheathThe knife also ensures an effortless and seamless cutting thanks to the 14 degrees cutting edge on each side that reduces drag during slicing.

Its handle grip is one feature worth mentioning since it one of the best – a poly pebble-grain texture to ensure a slip-proof grip.

The knife has a 58 Rockwell hardness with its PEtec edge enhancing its sharpness by 20 percent, generally giving it a long lifespan compared to most knives in its league. And because of its sharpness and strength it can be used to cut almost everything from veal chops to shell steak.

Some of the most embraced advantages is that the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty and the knife comes when it is very sharp, hence no need to constantly sharpen it.

Customer dissatisfaction – cons.

Ever since the Wusthof Grand Prix II 7-inch Flexible Fillet Knife was introduced, there haven’t been many negative reviews. With time, however, some customers have revealed that the knife is good but its sheath is somewhat mediocre. Moreover, some have always had issues with its pricing.


All in all, it is a thumbs up for Wusthof for such a wonderful knife.

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Excellent filleting knife, which is a bit pricey!